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Common Critters
Mouse Vita Gems 30 207/h Vine Mushroom 1-14 Branches
Chameleon Tree Food 200 468/8h Moss Mushroom 1-14 Branches
Rabbit Vita Gems 20 55/5m Moss Mushroom 1-14 Branches
Bughorn Tree Food 200 803/d Vine Mushroom, Fruit 1-14 Branches
Fox Vita Gems 30 145/30m Fruit Flower 1-14 Branches
Wombat Tree Food 200 567/12h Vine Flower 1-14 Branches
Dragonfly Vita Gems 30 145/30m Moss Flower 1-14 Branches
Kangaroo Vita Gems 25 94/15m Flower Mushroom, Vine 1-14 Branches
Froggy Tree Food 50 10/30s Mushroom Vine 1-14 Branches
Turtle Tree Food 50 105/30m Fruit Flower 1-14 Branches
Tarantula Vita Gems 25 50/5m Vine Moss 1-14 Branches
Squirrel Tree Food 50 150/h Flower Fruit 1-14 Branches
Bandicoon Tree Food 50 40/5m Flower Moss 1-14 Branches
Skunk Tree Food 50 40/5m Flower Moss 1-14 Branches
Bull Frog Vita Gems 35 158/30m Mushroom Vine 15-24 Branches
Snailwad Tree Food 2000 618/12h Mushroom Flower 15-24 Branches
Duck Tree Food 2000 511/8h Moss Mushroom 15-24 Branches
Lovster Vita Gems 35 113/15m Vine Fruit, Moss 15-24 Branches
Elephant Tree Food 2000 877/d Fruit Vine 15-24 Branches
Monarch Butterfly Vita Gems 45 65/5m Flower Mushroom 15-24 Branches
Squirrel Fox Vita Gems 40 15/30s Vine Fruit 15-24 Branches

Mantis FLower
Snakeling Vine
Sloth Moss Mushroom
Tamarin Mushroom
Lynx Moss
Anteater Fruit
Aardvark Fruit
Goat Mushroom
Badger Mushroom
Fennec Fox Flower
Sheep Moss
Flamingo Fruit
Pelican Flower
Starfish Flower

Uncommon Critters
Dog Bird Vita Gems 40 15 minutes - 129 Flower Moss 1-14 Branches
Eagle Vita Gems 40 5 minutes - 69 Vine Fruit 1-14 Branches
Lemur Vita Gems 40 4 hours - 516 Moss Vine 1-14 Branches
Penguin Vita Gems 35 15 minuets - 118 Fruit Vine 1-14 Branches
Caterpillow Tree Food 100 30 minutes - 132 Moss Fruit 1-14 Branches
Bunny Pig Vita Gems 35 30 seconds - 16 Mushroom Flower 1-14 Branches
Lion Toad Vita Gems 50 2 hours - 394 Flower, Fruit Moss 15-24 Branches
Tree Frog Tree Food 4000 5 minuets - 60 Moss Vine 15-24 Branches
Star-nosed Mole Vita Gems 50 4 hours - 563 Vine Flower 15-24 Branches
Toucan Vita Gems 60 4 hours - 610 Mushroom Fruit
Peacock Vita Gems 70 30 minuets - 230 Mushroom Fruit
Mosscrab Vita Gems 60 15 minuets - 153 Moss Flower, Mushroom
Cloud Leopard Vita Gems 70 1 hour 329 Flower, Vine Moss

Chimpansee Flower
Liama Fruit
Koala Flower
Echidna Mushroom
Hedgehog Mushroom
Blue Bird

Rare Critters
Jellyfish 70 Vita Gems 304/1h Mushroom Fruit
Panda 70 Vita Gems 426/2h Moss, Vine Mushroom
Dodo 60 Vita Gems 195/30m Vine Mushroom
Koalaphant 60 Vita Gems 140/15m Mushroom, Fruit Vine
Treehorse 50 Vita Gems 68/5m Moss Mushroom
Horsefly 50 Vita Gems 127/15m Moss Fruit

Tarsier Mushroom
Fizzard Flower
Stegosaurus Fruit
Horseshoe Crab
Ramel 60 Vita Gems Vine

Legendary Critters
Chimera 150 Vita Gems 709/2h Mushroom, Moss Flower
Kappa 125 Vita Gems 465/1h Fruit Moss
Cobrahawk 100 Vita Gems 296/30m Fruit, Moss Vine

Phoenix Flower
Unicorn Flower
Nautilus Moss

Limited Critters
T-Rex 500 Vita Gems 938/1h Mushroom, Vine Flower
Yeti 500 Vita Gems 1313/2h Fruit Mushroom
Purple Dragon 500 Vita Gems 657/30m Flower Mushroom

Yak Mushroom
Beaver Vine
Scorpion Spider
Red Panda
Free Bird Flower
Trilobyte Moss
Chinese Dragon
Green Dragon
Uncle Ham Mushroom
Freedom Willy
Flying Narwhal
Flying Monkey


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